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Welcome to the WIKI page for Witech OK6410/OK6410-B/TE6410/FL6410/OK2440/FL2440/TE2440 ARM9/ARM11 development kits.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to make any contributions to this wiki, our humble requirement would be, that your contribution:

a) is in English;

b) is OK6410/OK6410-B/TE6410/FL6410/OK2440/FL2440/TE2440 related;

c) does not contain any copyright issue, preferably written by yourself;

d) best would be that yourself had tested what you wrote;

e) and that's it!

We highly appreciate any of your contribution while reserve the right to modify/move/delete any articles from this wiki if neccessary!

Don't know how to start contributing?

See Getting Started


Send us your contribution in doc so that we can post it for you.

Wanna get some tips from the wiki?

Click on anyone of the catagories in the "navigation" bar to get an article list

Public FTP

password: Arm9board (case sensitive)

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