Dedicative, Quality & Effeciency
As a member unit of CSIA (China Software Industry Association) Embedded System Branch, Witech has been dedicated herself to ARM9/ARM11 embedded platforms for years. Our ARM-based System on Modules,Single Board Computers and Rapid Development Kits are aimed to accelerate your development. With years of experience and rigorous quality control, we believe that our products and service can earn your respect at last.
Beside those off-the-shelf products, our designed service helps you to a further extension by shortening your time-to-market and avoiding design risks.
Why us
  • We are alway dedicated to deliver the best quality and services;
  • We are alway dedicated to deliver the best technical support;
  • We provide everything in English: Software, tutorials, documentations and communication;
  • We provide mature Board support packages, stable kernel and complete drivers;
  • BSPs are provided with 100% source code and demo images;

Rapid Development Kits
Development Kit
Rapid Development Kit provides a platform to develop or evaluate the Witech ARM9/ARM11 System on Modules, it provides I/O connectors such as serial port, Ethernet, USB, video/audio and power jack, as well as any other I/O interfaces not provided on the SOM modules themselves. Some of the rapid development kits are designed and produced with high quality, they are also used as off-the-shelf SBC (single board computer) that accelerate your development more...
System on Module
System on Module
System on Modules here are minimum embedded systems (computers), each System on Module include only a micro-controller, RAM and ROM(Flash).

The SOM modules are at the core of our Rapid Development Kits, once programmed, the core module can be removed from the Base Board and inserted like a "big chip" into test beds, prototypes, and production units for OEM deployment...
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