OK6410 and TE6410 now have 1GB MLC NAND Flash!

According to our customers’ feedbacks, in order to improve the price-performance ratio of our OK6410 and TE6410 to a further extend, Witech today announced an upgrade on the NAND Flash on the S3C6410 series ARM11 development kit, from the original 256MB K9F2G08U0M to 1GB MLC K9G8G09U0A. MLC (Multi-level Cell) NAND Flash is now widely used in the industry but only a few on the S3C6410 development kits, compared to the SLC (Single-level Cell) Nand Flash, which is used on most of the other S3C6410 development kits, MLC Nand Flash carries larger capacity and higher performance.

Price for the upgraded OK6410 and TE6410 will remain the same! You can still get the OK6410 with 4.3" LCD with 1GB NAND Flash for $139.00!