A:  To change the runtime OS feature you will need the WinCE Platform Builder 5.0 (for WinCE5.0)/Visual Studio 2005 for WinCE6.0, as well as the BSP (board support package) that we provided in the shipped DVD. For application development you can use the EVC (Embedded Visual C++). There are evaluation versions of the above mentioned tools available on the Microsoft download site, full version of those tools can be bought from a local Microsoft distributor.


[WinCE 5] For running Platform Builder in Windows 7 you will need to install several patches, beside the pactches given in shipped DVD you also need the WinCEPB50-091231-Product-Update-Rollup-Armv4I.msi and the latest two patches released in 2010. Also you might need a bat file as below:

@ehco start cepb.exe

exit @ehco

put it in \Windows CE Platform Builder\5.00\CEPB\BIN\ and double click it to run the platform builder. Otherwise (if you run the PB directly) you will get something bad while sysgen.

[WinCE6 & WinCE 7] Instructions for installing and running PB in Win7 can be found in the shipped manuals

A:  Be sure to copy it to the folder "Resident Flash".


There are three ways to achieve this:

1, Add the application (MyApp.exe for example) and its shortcut to the NK, and add the shortcut to the StartUp folder;

2, add the application to the NK and add something like below the registry:


3, by modifying the registry we can even replace the shell (explorer.exe), for example:

"Depend50"=hex:14,00, 1e,00

replace the "Launch50"="explorer.exe" with "Launch50"="MyApp.exe" so that we can disable the explorer and set our own application as the default sheel.


COM0 on the OK6410 is being used as the debug port in the WinCE6.0 system, you might want to set it up to be a normally communication serial port, here is how:

Two files must be modified: "WINCE600\PLATFORM\SMDK6410\SMDK6410.bat" and "WINCE600\PLATFORM\SMDK6410\SRC\OAL\OALLIB\debug.c".

In the file "SMDK6410.bat", find

"set BSP_NOUART0=1"

replace it with

"set BSP_NOUART0="

and REM this line:


In the file "debug.c", comment the following:

    VOID OEMWriteDebugByte(UINT8 ch)
        // Wait for TX Buffer Empty
        while (!(g_pUARTReg->UTRSTAT & 0x2));

           // TX Character
        g_pUARTReg->UTXH = ch;


    int OEMReadDebugByte()
        int ch;

        if (g_pUARTReg->UTRSTAT & 0x1)        // There is received data
            ch = (int)(g_pUARTReg->URXH);
        else        // There no data in RX Buffer;
            ch = OEM_DEBUG_READ_NODATA;

        return ch;


For OS developers, the Platform Builder for WinCE6.0 is no longer stand alone but built in the Visual Studio 2005 as plugin, so you will need to download the trial version of VS2005 and CE6 Platform Builder from Microsoft website or purchase them from a Microsoft distributor. Several patches for VS2005 and the PB are also required, contact us for more information. Platform Builder also gives you the ability to write Win32 (C/C++) applications, or DLLs (where the DLL can export functions shared between applications, resource only DLLs, or the DLL could be a device driver in the operating system image).

WinCE application developers need also the VS2005 and the SDK (Software Development Kit) that goes with our ARM9/ARM11 development kits. The SDK defines the exposed APIs and include header files and libraries for the specific platform.


1. Try reconnecting the touch screen cable;

2. Touch screen needs to be calibrated, please connect an USB mouse to the board and click Start -> Control Panel -> Stylus -> Recalibrate and then calibrate the TS with touch pen.

After calibration please click "Start -> Suspend" and reboot the WinCE. 


This happens mostly on the OK6410 series, on which the NAND Flash chip has been changed for a few times, and accordingly there are a few versions of WinCE images that support different types of NAND Flash. This error happens when the NAND Flash chip is not supported by the WinCE images that you are using. Please check the part number of your NAND Flash chip and contact our technical support for download link for the correct images.


 There are two ways to achieve this:

a) In VS2005, Open "Project -> Properties -> Build Options", and check the "Enable Ship Build (WINCESHIP=1)" option.

Note that this will disable the debugging information. Thus this method is only recommended for the final version which requires no further development or debugging.

b) Open "WINCE600\PUBLIC\SHELL\OAK\HPC\CESHELL\UI\desktopview.cpp", change

#ifndef SHIP_BUILD


and rebuild and sysgen.

This is recommended for versions in development, which requires debugging information.