Quality control:
Witech Co., Ltd is committed to provide high-quality products to every one of our customers. Every product released by Witech goes through quadruple quality check, including material testing, circuit testing in production process, and final testing in production process, turnoff testing before shipment. We pay attention to every single step to make sure that every single product released is 100% functional without apparent defect. In addition, in case that some unforeseeable things happen, you get our:

After-sales service:
1.We offer 15days shifting warranty to defected products, please see our Standard Terms of Sales for more information.

2. Repairing warranty. We offer six months, counting from the date of purchase, cost-free maintenance warranty for malfunctioned Witech-branded products.

3. Life-long maintenance. To products that are inconsistent with the shifting and repairing warranty terms, Witech offers repayable maintenance service.

Subject to the provisions below.

1. LCDs and other third-party-branded products are not covered by the shifting, repairing and maintenance warranties.

2. Physical damages occured during the shipment must be reported to Witech within three days upon your receiving the products.

3.Damages caused by irresistible natural factors are not covered by the shifting, repairing and maintenance warranties.

4. Improper use of the products and unauthorized parts may void the warranties.

5. Products returned for shifting, repairing and maintenance must be attached with detailed malfunction statement.

6. Shipping costs occurred for and damages during returning the products will be of your responsibility. You are also responsible for properly packing the products to be returned and for delivering the products to a common carrier designated by Witech.

7. "Product" and "products" here refer only to the product(s) you purchased directly from www.arm9board.net.